Our 2018 :: Because Instagram stories are only cool when there aren’t 78 images in a row posted by the same person.

Hey Friends,

It’s been quite the year… literally one of the shortest and longest years of my life.

We entered this year with a toddler and a huge pregnant belly… and we ended it with a toddler who talks like a 6 year old, a 10 month old who has a spirit that is enormous and fiery, and a small pregnant belly (yes… we’re expecting again this June).

Our family walked into this year with the word peace being breathed over us. It’s what we wanted to pursue in every area of our lives. And wouldn’t you believe no sooner had we made that commitment, we were challenged in that.

Brady and I (him better than myself), have clung to Romans 12:18,

If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.

And it has shaped us tremendously.

Alongside that, it has been a year of huge growth, and I hardly doubt that this year will be much different in that area.

Since I’m a photographer, here are my favorite highlights of this year. Fair warning, there are quite a few… and I wouldn’t be offended if you didn’t look at every single one. But they are treasures to me….so here they will be:

We had our sweet girl home with us for a week… and on day 7, she was admitted back into the hospital with RSV.

It’s no joke, kids.


Needless to say, after those first three weeks, we were all so intensely exhausted.
We… mostly Brady and some amazing servant hearted people… spent the first half of this year renovating a space for us to live in. We’re definitely tiny housing it, and its one of the most awesome choices we’ve made.
Fun fact: She was born on his half birthday.

We’re coming for ya, 2019.